Valentine’s Day Treats

Well, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than search around for some of the cutest heart-shaped gifts around?

This stunning Valentine’s dress from Vivien of Holloway is just sensational. It would make a lovely bridesmaids dress- maybe cutting it a bit fine for this year, but if you are planning a Valentine’s wedding in the future snap it up now before it’s gone forever!

At £89, it won’t break the bank so you could even buy it as a present for yourself: It is Valentine’s day after all. Love yourself!

As well as this girly pink shade, there is a retro red. The dress is also available in both colours as a swing dress variant if you prefer a bit of volume.

How about these spectacular Vivienne Westwood shoes from Asos? (I seem to have a Viv theme going on here, Viv’s Valentine’s: Ooh alliteration!)

The shine on these is guaranteed to make an impact and that little heart is just so cute!

They are also a lot cheaper than you may think at just £88! Perfectly combining the classic vintage style of slingback shoes with a contemporary neon punch, these lovelies will look fantastic whatever the occassion.

The ideal quirky touch to any outfit for that wild- at- heart bride!

Finally, if you’re looking for something a little more practical, look no further than Amazon. Not just the biggest online bookshop ever, it sells this adorable heart shaped frying pan.

This would make the ideal gift for newlyweds just setting up home together. You can guarantee they won’t have one already- unlike the toasters!

It’s a bargain at less than £9, or you could buy a heart-shaped cake tin and egg fryer alongside it for less than £18. The ideal present for domestic bliss.


Vintage wedding patterns

Would you make your own wedding dress? If you can’t find the perfect vintage dress, then try giving it a go! There are a wealth of sewing classes all over the UK or you could rope in a talented friend to help out. The cost of a pattern plus materials can work out much cheaper than a ready made dress. Plus, it will be completely one of a kind and so very you!

I’ve found the best place for vintage patterns is the ol’ faithful Etsy.

Here is a selection of my favourite from the 1920s onwards. (NB: Sorry about the dodgy image placement, no matter how much I try to edit it, it makes no difference!).

You may have noticed, this is actually a girl’s pattern. However, it is so adorable I think it would make a stunning wedding dress for an informal summer do in the garden. Just be prepared to do some tweaking!

The listing is actually for a set of five different patterns, ranging from a vintage size 10 to 14. No measurements are listed, so be sure to get in touch with the seller first.

The price for these amazing pieces of history? £25! The downside? They’re only delivered to the States, so you will have to ask the seller nicely to deliver here or make an American friend to forward it to you.

Ok, so it’s not a wedding pattern. But picture it in a cream silk or satin and it would be perfect for a chic city wedding.

It is dated 1937/1938 and is a bargain at around £11.50! The measurements are listed as 30-26-33, so it will be ideal for a petite frame.

It’s being sold by Chigals Patterns here.

This elegant pattern dates from 1946 and is just outstanding. I really love the shaped collar and swooping train. Teamed with an apple blossom headpiece and veil like this bride would complete this sensational outfit.

It is listed with unusual measurements 34-28-37, so you may want to check these before buying. It’s priced at just over £32 with postage from Sew Unique Classique here.

Love Grace Kelly’s glamorous wedding dress? This circa-1951 pattern is perfect for you. The vintage glamour shines through and is guaranteed to make you feel like a princess.

It is sized 32-26.5-35 and will set you back around £31 with postage.

If you think this is the dress for you, take a peek here at Bluette Court’s page.

 This pattern is the epitome of the 60s. Gorgeous for a wedding dress or adapt it to make a wonderful bridesmaids dress. The lace effect looks stunning.

Size 34-26-36 and priced at just over £12 including postage, this could make an absolutely stunning wedding gown.

Available from seller midvale cottage here.

Look what I found! A British pattern! It’s undated but looks to me to be from the early 70s. Just look at that cute mini dress! I love long sleeves with short skirts. Perfect for a young bride wanting a chic, stylish look.

The measurements are 32.5-25-34.5 and is an incredible £5.50! What a great bargain!

You can buy it from The Brighton Emporium here, and I’m off to see what else they’re selling!

Making a dress yourself ensures it is absolutely perfect. Not only is it entirely to your taste, but it fits perfectly. A great way to personalise your day and really add something special to your celebrations. Have fun!

Heartbeat Wedding Dresses

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been browsing around and have discovered a fabulous website that sells off costumes and props from film and tv shows: As Worn In.

Do be aware that most of the productions listed don’t have any items for sale, so it can be disappointing if you see your favourite film. It is also quite expensive- £300 for a cap from Ghandi!

However, amongst this there are some beauties. The one above is my favourite: a dress worn in 1960s-set Heartbeat for the wedding between Jo and Nick. It consists of not only the white mini dress but also the dramatic headpiece for £1000.

If you’d rather go for something full length, this dress is cheaper at just £600. I’ve had a root around but can’t find any information on which character wore it, I’m afraid.

The downside of the website is that there is no information on measurements, so you’ll have to drop them a line for some more information.

Have a look around. I’m off to see what other beauties I can find.

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1950s Designer Dresses

Yesterday we looked at 1950s style budget dresses. Of course if you have a larger budget, a designer dress may be worth splashing out on: It’s made to fit you perfectly and you can be sure that your guests won’t turn up in the same style! If there is one day to splash out on a single dress, it’s your wedding dress.

Top of my list is this achingly beautiful Justin Alexander dress (style 8465). Very similar to an Elie Saab dress recently worn on the red carpet by redheaded goddess Marcia Cross, the tulle skirt has hints of fairytale romance but in a much more practical tea length- ideal for showing off lovely shoes.

As for historical accuracy, it’s almost exactly the same as my Grandma’s 1955 wedding dress. Beautiful and accurate- you can’t get more perfect than that, can you?

Well, this dress is priced at £975. Pricey, yes, but an absolute steal for designer!

If you fancy something more princessy, have a look at this amazing Novia D’Art dress, named Velazquez.

With an incredibly full skirt and delicate lacy sleeves, this is guaranteed to give you that grand entrance. The long sleeves make it perfect for chilly Autumn weddings.

If this dress is tugging at your heart strings, be warned- it’s a whopping £4800!

Of course, the 1950s weren’t all tulle and tea length. If your style is more slinky Marilyn than girly Audrey, this Stephanie Allin dress will be just perfect.

Named Anoushka, it is perfect for accentuating those hourglass curves and the mermaid-style skirt is uber flattering.

For a touch of drama, check out the oversized bow. Available in white for a subtle effect or this black style for full monochrome dramatics. Sensational.

1950s Dresses on a Budget

Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly… The list of beautiful Hollywood starlets from the 50s just rolls on and on. They are the epitome of feminine charm, so who wouldn’t want to look like one on their wedding day?

Don’t worry, these dresses needn’t come with a Hollywood pricetag. Check out Honeypie Boutique for gorgeous full skirted dresses at a bargain £130. I love this one, which looks just like Audrey Hepburn’s “Funny Face” dress (left).

Not only is it a gorgeous shape but it comes in a massive variety of colours so could be used for bridesmaids too.

Check out this beauty and other lovely styles at

For an even bigger bargain, repro royalty Vivien of Holloway has stunning halterneck dresses in many different materials and patterns. Keep your eyes on the website, different styles are frequently added.

This style, modelled by the lovely Anna Fur Laxis, is a snip at £85- and it’s one of the most expensive dresses!

There are full skirt dresses, pencil dresses, sarong dresses and more so you can find the perfect dress for your wedding.

If you’re in the London area, make a visit to the boutique- there’s a massive sale on this week with some dresses at a mouthwatering £35!

Unfortunately, the sale is not online but you can still check out the pretty range at

With a bigger budget, take a look at American label Dolly Couture for full skirted lovelies. This wonderful dress is just $595, which is less than £400. Of course the postage will be extra, and remember to make an allowance for import tax, but it will still be much cheaper than your average wedding dress.

If nothing on the website catches your eye, drop Dolly a line. She makes custom dresses for less than $1000 (£625) so you can walk down the aisle in your very own creation.

Have a peek at

If you have a bigger budget, pop back tomorrow when I will be showcasing my favourite vintage style designer dresses!

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