Valentine’s Day Treats

Well, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than search around for some of the cutest heart-shaped gifts around?

This stunning Valentine’s dress from Vivien of Holloway is just sensational. It would make a lovely bridesmaids dress- maybe cutting it a bit fine for this year, but if you are planning a Valentine’s wedding in the future snap it up now before it’s gone forever!

At £89, it won’t break the bank so you could even buy it as a present for yourself: It is Valentine’s day after all. Love yourself!

As well as this girly pink shade, there is a retro red. The dress is also available in both colours as a swing dress variant if you prefer a bit of volume.

How about these spectacular Vivienne Westwood shoes from Asos? (I seem to have a Viv theme going on here, Viv’s Valentine’s: Ooh alliteration!)

The shine on these is guaranteed to make an impact and that little heart is just so cute!

They are also a lot cheaper than you may think at just £88! Perfectly combining the classic vintage style of slingback shoes with a contemporary neon punch, these lovelies will look fantastic whatever the occassion.

The ideal quirky touch to any outfit for that wild- at- heart bride!

Finally, if you’re looking for something a little more practical, look no further than Amazon. Not just the biggest online bookshop ever, it sells this adorable heart shaped frying pan.

This would make the ideal gift for newlyweds just setting up home together. You can guarantee they won’t have one already- unlike the toasters!

It’s a bargain at less than £9, or you could buy a heart-shaped cake tin and egg fryer alongside it for less than £18. The ideal present for domestic bliss.