Stephen Fry’s Waistcoat

In addition to the Heartbeat dresses I just posted, take a look at this.

A waistcoat worn by the ever fabulous Stephen Fry in the TV drama “Wilde”- unsurprisingly based around the life of Oscar Wilde himself.

It would make a great gift for your groom and add a fascinating touch, and conversation piece, to a Victorian themed wedding.

The thing I love most? It’s labelled with the words “Mr Stephan Fry 1996”. I love the mispelling- there’s something very charming about it.

How wonderful is this? At £250, it would make a wonderful wedding present. In fact, best grab it fast before I save enough money to buy it for mr Mr Fry-loving fiance!

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Your Outfit: Victorian

The Victorian wedding instantly conjures up images of romance, class and elegance. If this is everything you want for your wedding day, the Victorian outfit is perfect for you. The corsetted bodices emphasise your assets whilst pulling in any wobbly bits whereas the elegantly draped skirts create curves to complete a gorgeous hourglass silhouette.

This stunning dress is a genuine 1880s wedding gown. Despite being 130 years old, it is still in a wearable condition- if you could bear to wear it, that is! Available from the amazing Bustle Dress, it is priced at $1625 (just over £1000), although remember to factor in shipping costs and custom tax.

If you don’t trust yourself in an ancient dress around the gravy dinner, try an Ian Stuart dress. The master of Victorian inspired elegance, Ian Stuart’s dramatic dresses look amazing on any bride.

“Nocturne”, shown here, has a subtle late Victorian inspiration. Although be prepared to cough up more than the real thing, this dress is recommended at £2300!

Of course it will be made to your measurements so you can guarantee it will fit. This is the perfect choice for those curvier brides. Despite the overwhelming Victorian appeal of curvaceous figures, very few women actually achieved them. Why do we always want what we can’t have…?

To finish off your outfit, try a pair of laced up boots. These Henry Kaye beauties are available in white or ivory satin so you can choose the shade that best compliments your dress.

At £100, they won’t cost the earth and are ideal for completing that Victoriana feel to your outfit whilst adding a quirky touch.

Finally, who can tell what the British weather will bring? Rain or shine, a delicate parasol is the perfect solution, whatever the forecast. This parasol, £29.99 from Perdita’s Wedding Shoes, is a great choice as it is waterproof- meaning it not only looks great but is practical whatever the day brings.

Whatever you choose to wear, you will be able to look back on your wedding photos in years to come and summon up all those wonderful romantic connotations that the Victorian era brings.

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