Heartbeat Wedding Dresses

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been browsing around and have discovered a fabulous website that sells off costumes and props from film and tv shows: As Worn In.

Do be aware that most of the productions listed don’t have any items for sale, so it can be disappointing if you see your favourite film. It is also quite expensive- £300 for a cap from Ghandi!

However, amongst this there are some beauties. The one above is my favourite: a dress worn in 1960s-set Heartbeat for the wedding between Jo and Nick. It consists of not only the white mini dress but also the dramatic headpiece for £1000.

If you’d rather go for something full length, this dress is cheaper at just £600. I’ve had a root around but can’t find any information on which character wore it, I’m afraid.

The downside of the website is that there is no information on measurements, so you’ll have to drop them a line for some more information.

Have a look around. I’m off to see what other beauties I can find.

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Sunday Steals: 1960s Cocktail Dress

Another Etsy jobby today. Sorry I’m not more original, but I promise I’ll start looking now for next Sunday’s bargain!

This cute dress is listed as 1950s. It looks too short to be 50s for me, so I would hazard that it is actually 1960s. I may be wrong though!

Regardless, this is a cutie of a dress. Made of gorgeous cream satin, adorned with little flowers this makes the perfect outfit for a mellow spring wedding.

With a tailored fit and emphasised waist, this will look great on a curvy figure. Which is wonderful news because the dress has measurements of 36-28-40.

Of course, it’s in our Sunday Steals which means is must be a bargain, right? Oh yes! At $69 including postage from the States, it works out at a fantastic £44. Ooh lovely!

From seller Jessamity, it is available here.

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V&A Inspiration

I discovered this great link in my Favourites tab. I don’t remember bookmarking it but it’s there nonetheless.


It’s a treasure trove of inspiration with hundreds of photos of weddings from the Victorians right up to the current day.

Here are a couple of my favourites:

From 1951 and 1961 respectively. The first bride’s dress is breathtaking and I love the grooms glasses in the second picture! I wonder if I could convince my fiance to wear some like that…