Vintage wedding patterns

Would you make your own wedding dress? If you can’t find the perfect vintage dress, then try giving it a go! There are a wealth of sewing classes all over the UK or you could rope in a talented friend to help out. The cost of a pattern plus materials can work out much cheaper than a ready made dress. Plus, it will be completely one of a kind and so very you!

I’ve found the best place for vintage patterns is the ol’ faithful Etsy.

Here is a selection of my favourite from the 1920s onwards. (NB: Sorry about the dodgy image placement, no matter how much I try to edit it, it makes no difference!).

You may have noticed, this is actually a girl’s pattern. However, it is so adorable I think it would make a stunning wedding dress for an informal summer do in the garden. Just be prepared to do some tweaking!

The listing is actually for a set of five different patterns, ranging from a vintage size 10 to 14. No measurements are listed, so be sure to get in touch with the seller first.

The price for these amazing pieces of history? £25! The downside? They’re only delivered to the States, so you will have to ask the seller nicely to deliver here or make an American friend to forward it to you.

Ok, so it’s not a wedding pattern. But picture it in a cream silk or satin and it would be perfect for a chic city wedding.

It is dated 1937/1938 and is a bargain at around £11.50! The measurements are listed as 30-26-33, so it will be ideal for a petite frame.

It’s being sold by Chigals Patterns here.

This elegant pattern dates from 1946 and is just outstanding. I really love the shaped collar and swooping train. Teamed with an apple blossom headpiece and veil like this bride would complete this sensational outfit.

It is listed with unusual measurements 34-28-37, so you may want to check these before buying. It’s priced at just over £32 with postage from Sew Unique Classique here.

Love Grace Kelly’s glamorous wedding dress? This circa-1951 pattern is perfect for you. The vintage glamour shines through and is guaranteed to make you feel like a princess.

It is sized 32-26.5-35 and will set you back around £31 with postage.

If you think this is the dress for you, take a peek here at Bluette Court’s page.

 This pattern is the epitome of the 60s. Gorgeous for a wedding dress or adapt it to make a wonderful bridesmaids dress. The lace effect looks stunning.

Size 34-26-36 and priced at just over £12 including postage, this could make an absolutely stunning wedding gown.

Available from seller midvale cottage here.

Look what I found! A British pattern! It’s undated but looks to me to be from the early 70s. Just look at that cute mini dress! I love long sleeves with short skirts. Perfect for a young bride wanting a chic, stylish look.

The measurements are 32.5-25-34.5 and is an incredible £5.50! What a great bargain!

You can buy it from The Brighton Emporium here, and I’m off to see what else they’re selling!

Making a dress yourself ensures it is absolutely perfect. Not only is it entirely to your taste, but it fits perfectly. A great way to personalise your day and really add something special to your celebrations. Have fun!